Kickoff workshop

Welcome to the page of the kick-off workshop of the Quantum Nano Route of the Dutch National Research Agenda!

In the workshop, we will hear from representatives of the Dutch government about their impression and thoughts on our Route, and from the PIs of the projects granted in the 2.5 M€ Start-impulse round from in the spring 2017.

Workshop a success!

We would like to thank all the participants for making it a great kickoff for our route! It was great to hear about all the projects and stimulate the future of quantum and nano research in the Netherlands!

Group Photo

Workshop participants together with the Canadian visitors, including Ambassador Sabine Eva Nolke (fourth from left) and Angela Olano, Special Projects manager from IQC Waterloo (third from right), and Tim van der Hagen, the president of TU Delft (third from left)

Workshop slides

Green ICT
Paul Koenraad (TU Eindhoven) Green ICT
Francesco Battaglia (Radboud Universiteit) Bits and Brains

Carlo Beenakker (Lorentz instituut) Quantum in the NWA
Thomas O’Brien (Lorentz instituut, Beenakker Group) Seeding a quantum revolution in chemistry
Michael Walter (University of Amsterdam, QuSoft) Protocols for a quantum internet
Pepijn Pinkse (University of Twente) Quantum Nano Keys: providing physical protection for quantum methods
Floris Zwanenburg (University of Twente) Scalable and defect-free silicon spin quantum bits

Stan Brouns (TU Delft)
Dimitrios Stamatialis (University of Twente) Nanoporous implantable devices for treatment of diabetes type 1
Hans Bouwmeester (Wageningen University & Research) Oral delivery of nanomedicine: gut-on-chip

Julia Cramer (Leiden / QuTech) Bèta Outreach NWA: Let’s get involved!
Martin Bennink (Saxion University) Towards a lectorate on Safe and Societally Robust Innovative Materials and Products
Eric Eliel (Leiden) Quantum Rules!


Some more details can be found in the invitation poster.


Registration is now full (100 people)


The program starts at 10.00 in Room E of the Applied Physics building. The full program of the workshop can be found here:

Kickoff Workshop Program


The workshop will be held in the Applied Physics building (building 22) on the TU Delft campus.